Person Behind

vivek kumar


Right now, it’s not us; it’s just me, I’ll update it whenever I become us.

Hello there! My name is Vivek Kumar, and I am the founder of I am a mechanical engineer, and I always loved solving technology-related problems.

I enjoy coming up with the most natural solution to any problem which might be related to an android phone or windows laptop or anything which is related to technology and requires the Internet to perform.

If you have something in your mind and want to say to me, then you can easily do so by our contact us page.

Why Am I Starting

Whenever I had a problem, or I have to search for anything on the Internet, I found a very relevant solution on many sites. But, even in the year 2020, I see they are not making efforts in writing the content, which provides the best solution according to our needs.

And this is the reason I am starting my very own blog where I am going to share everything which will be going to help you a lot.

Thank you very much!

Mission Of

There is nothing like we are on a mission that has to be completed or something like that. Honestly, we just love to share good technical stuff, and that feels amazing. Writing about technology is something we like; we admire it very much, and that is why TheTechSaga is born and guess for what?

It is our tagline, “WE EXPLAIN TECHNOLOGY.”

We will always try to share the best possible information naturally.