[Top 10 Best & Free] Most Unique And Unknown Android Apps To Try

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I am sharing some of the best unknown android apps that you’ve never heard about, all these apps are free, and I’ll provide the site’s link so you can download them easily with peace.

We live in a world where little boxes in our pockets can find us dates, call us taxis, deliver our groceries, and even control our T.V.’s. These are crazy and wonderful times we are living in, fellas. We all know about the Twitters, Spotifys, and Ubers of the world, but what about those lesser-known gems? What about the newer apps that have made pretty massive waves in the tiny ponds they’re in—the apps we didn’t know we couldn’t live without? Here are the 8 best apps you’ve never heard of.

10 Best Unknown Android Apps


Skiplagged – unknown app

There are plenty of travel apps out there that’ll help you plan your travel itinerary, book your flights, find you a hotel, etc. But where Skiplagged is different (and totally amazing) is that it searches a little-known area of bookings called “Hidden City” flights. Essentially, these are flights that can be booked more inexpensively than normal because they occur as layovers to other destinations. It’s a complicated process, but basically, Skiplagged sifts through all the possible combinations in order to get users the cheapest flights possible. No gimmicks, no bull shit. Apple | Android


Rando – Unknown app

Rando is fun and unknown app that won’t really give you any special ability or do anything great for you but will provide you with a fun and interesting way to connect with people from around the world. Basically, you take a random picture of whatever you want (preferably not your dick) and send it off. In moments, you’ll receive a random picture from a stranger (preferably not their dick) from a random location around the world. At worst, you become the Carmen Sandiego of unsolicited dickpics. At best, you get to see new things from new people, all around the world! Apple | Android


Wolfram Alpha – unknown app

Have you ever asked Siri a question about some random factoid or statistic, and because she never knows a goddamn thing, she deflects your question by offering to Google it for you? Well, Wolfram Alpha will most likely have the answer to your questions. The app crawls thousands of domains and uses its complex algorithm to compute data, answer your questions, and even compile in-depth reports for you—all in mere seconds. Apple | Android


SleepBot – unknown app

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re probably not getting the quality of sleep you deserve. This sleep cycle tracker and smart alarm by the team at SleepBot utilizes motion and sound tracking software to provide an in-depth analysis of your sleep cycle—average sleep time, sleep debt, long term trends, etc.—and compiles detailed reports to help you get the rest you need. Or, if you’re actually being possessed by demons while you sleep, as you suspect, this app will confirm it. Apple | Android


RunPee – Unkown app

Here’s a hypothetical: You’re at the movie theater and didn’t intend on getting the large Coke with the large popcorn, but it was literally only a dollar more than the regular, so you were like, “WOW, WHAT A BARGAIN!” Before the previews are over, you’ve already downed half the soda. Now you’re filled to bursting with high fructose corn syrup water, and the movie’s about to start. You need a bathroom break, but you don’t want to miss any of the action. What’s a guy to do? BOOM. RunPee. RunPee is an app that tells you the perfect time to run to the bathroom during your movie, and gives you a synopsis of what you’ve missed when you get back. You’ll never miss an important scene again. It’s basically the best app since Tinder. Apple | Android


Wakie – unknown app

Cool Material’s “Creepiest But Also Pretty Cool App of the Year” winner, Wakie is essentially a wakeup call service. You select a time to receive a call, go to bed, and let the app do its thing. But here’s the weird part: When you reach your “wakeup time,” a random stranger calls you and talks to you until you’re ready to start your day. Will it be a Lithuanian school teacher working on her English? Will it be a New York City garbage man on his lunch break? Perhaps a Danish prostitute? You’ll just have to download the app and find out for yourself. Apple | Android


Tunity – unknown app

Tunity truly is a work of art. Essentially, it allows your phone to act as a temporary TV tuner for any TV. So, let’s say you’re at the bar watching the game, and everyone is being loud and obnoxious while all you want to hear is the commentary. Open Tunity, point it at the TV, and this unknown app will use a scanned image to locate the program and then stream the audio directly to your phone. You can be social and antisocial at the exact same time. Apple | Android


Robinhood – unknown app

Robinhood is an unknown app that puts the magic and excitement of the stock exchange in your pocket. What separates Robinhood from other stock trading apps is that it allows users to invest in publicly traded companies and exchange-traded funds without paying a trading fee. It’s sleek, modern, easy to understand, and 100 percent free. It links directly and securely to your bank account, keeps track of your portfolio, and also sends push notifications to let you know how your portfolio is performing. No account minimums, no trading fees—trading the good old-fashioned way with the new-fashioned benefit of being right in your pocket. Apple | Android

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